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For those new to Universal Salvation
« on: January 08, 2018, 09:57:17 AM »
For those that are new or don't quite understand what Universal Salvation is, this forum is for you.

Universal Salvation is the phrase applied to the understanding that God will eventually save everyone in due time.  This means that ALL shall be saved.  Typically there are three forms of understanding when it comes to the fate of the wicked sinner:

1.  Eternal Torment
2.  Annihilation of the sinner
3.  Universal Salvation

Most "Christians" fall into the belief of #1 above due to the popularity of such organizations that teach it.

At the core of understanding this doctrine requires a knowledge of the Greek term "aionios" for which the words "everlasting" and "eternal" are often derived.  Those that believe in Universal Salvation understand that meaning to be different than what others believe and therefore a careful analysis of the usage of the term should be used.

I'd advise against solely using scholarly interpretations since I have seen both sides of the argument providing in various works.  So I advise the student to undergo their own careful word studies by using E-Sword or another software Bible application that allows you to search either by Strong's number for the word (G166) or for the Greek word itself "aionios" in the text and see how it is used with in the context.

My own interpretation of using word studies is that aionios means "age-enduring".  It doesn't speak to an endpoint or the length of duration at all.  But rather it speaks to the continuing point.  Something that is aionios will survive or endure the end of the age (or age boundary) such that it has qualities or significance to do so.

Please start new threads to discuss this topic and get answers to difficult questions.
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